Opposition criticizes carbon neutrality program

The opposition criticizes the EU’s carbon neutral legislative program released yesterday.

The European Commission yesterday unveiled a set of legislative changes required to meet the target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The laws are aimed at reducing harmful emissions and increasing the amount of renewable energy.

These measures will affect many spheres of life of Europeans.

The opposition was criticized, in particular, by the program of duties for carbon dioxide emissions, which will be extended to all vehicles and heating of houses.

True Finns Deputy Chairman Riikka Purra and Christian Democrats Chairman Sari Essaya stated that this would result in ordinary people having to pay for innovations in the end.

Essaya is also surprised by the proposal that the income from the climate duties could be used to pay off the EU’s total debt. At the same time, Riikka Purra believes that the package of measures will lead to new taxes.