Paperworkers fear working conditions will deteriorate: “This disease could start to spread.”

Pulp and paper workers are outraged by the decision of the Forest Industry Association to withdraw from the contracting system.

– We are very surprised by this decision, and so far we have more questions than answers, says a spokesman for UPM Kymi paper mill workers Pasi Untolahti

The decision is historic, since wages in Finland have been regulated by state employment contracts since the 1940s years. In the future, negotiations will be held at workplaces between the management of the company and the staff.

– The system of collective agreements has long been trying to reform, but no one considered such an option. This decision came as a real surprise to us. This has not happened in decades, says Emeritus Professor of Labor Law Seppo Koskinen .

A decision can have long lasting consequences

Representative of Stora Enso plant workers in Anyalankoski Jari Punakivi believes that the changes are likely to have a negative impact on the situation of forest workers. On the other hand, Punakivi notes that some contracts were concluded directly in the workplace before.

– In any case, the process should be regulated so that what is happening does not resemble the Wild West.

Pasi Untolahti believes, that the decision of the Forest Industry Association will affect the entire Finnish society.

– I am afraid this disease may start to spread.