Parents can be fined if their minor child does not graduate from gymnasium or vocational school

According to the updated law, a child is obliged to study until the age of 18. This applies to the first of those children who graduated from the 9th grade this year.

The Centennial Education Law has been updated so that study is compulsory until the age of majority. That is, after the end of the basic 9 grades, you cannot interrupt the educational process and, for example, go to work.

The extension of the term of compulsory education affected the first children who graduated from school this year. They had to go to further study at a gymnasium or vocational school.

According to Yle, many educational institutions and municipalities are still considering the practical aspects of the innovation. In particular, how will it be monitored that all minors are continuing their studies and how much additional resources will be required for this.

It is not enough to be enrolled in an educational institution, and you also need to actively attend classes. News service Yle has figured out what will happen if a student does not attend classes or studies do not advance.

1. Parents are primarily responsible

According to the law, the guardian must ensure that the child continues his studies until the age of 18. Neglect of parenting can be punished.

Previously, the court dealt with cases concerning school attendance and graduation.

Failure to comply with these obligations may result in the payment of a fine.

2. The educational institution is obliged to monitor attendance and progress

If, for example, a vocational school student does not attend classes, the task of the school is to contact the student and his guardian and find out why the study is causing difficulties. Whether a change in specialization can help or maybe the teenager needs additional support.

An educational institution may report a parent to the police if the guardian's behavior or neglect is of concern.

3. Further the case is handled by the municipality

If the measures taken by the educational institution do not help, or if it is not possible to contact the student and his guardian, the case is transferred to the municipality.

Municipalities are also figuring out how to deal with young people left without further study place in the fall.