Perfect summer in the town of Sarautz

Now the town of Sarautz is a place known for surfing and the grandeur of Basque cuisine. But it also keeps a history of numerous floods and a past life as a small fishing village. The Cantabrian Sea was a faithful companion of this settlement, but there were times when it raged in such a way that it brought a lot of pain. It also brought abundance in the most difficult times, since active whaling allowed Sarautsu to compete with other settlements.

The sea continues to gently embrace the town, but whaling has given way to surfing, and active fishing now brings much less income than beaches and national cuisine establishments. Sarautz has managed to break into the number of the best surfing spots in the world, competing with dignity with the beaches of Australia, South Africa and Hawaii.

The Sarautz beach is considered one of the most popular on the Basque coast. Fine sand, azure water, magnificent landscapes attract many vacationers here even during a pandemic. Not surprisingly, in the 19th century, the European bourgeoisie made this place their summer residence. About two hundred years ago, aristocrats and nobles actively built summer palaces here. Today, almost nothing is left of this architectural splendor. The town shines differently now. It is enough to walk along its stunning waterfront, dotted with traditional bars and restaurants, to feel the soulful atmosphere.

The beach still does not have a blue flag, but despite this, it boasts clean water and environment, and also developed infrastructure. It should be remembered that the ebb and flow of the beach during the day changes the landscape of the beach, so sometimes it is important to get up early to see it in a different light.

In August, you can find interesting entertainment for yourself every day in Sarautz. It is in the last month of summer that traditional festivals are celebrated, famous regattas are held and a classic craft fair opens to the public.