Pohjanmaa tomato growers are trying to improve the taste of domestic tomatoes

Tomato growers in the Pohyanmaa region have decided to take measures to improve the taste of domestic tomatoes.

Various varieties of tomatoes are sold in stores under the general name “Finnish” although they can vary considerably in taste.

When the quality of domestic tomatoes varies greatly, consumers stop buying them. Therefore, the farmers launched a project, the goal of which is to listen to the taste preferences of buyers and exclude those varieties of tomatoes that will not be in demand. The problem is that taste is not a factor in cost right now.

– If a tomato variety yields a good yield by weight, it usually tastes worse, and if the variety is tasty, then the kilograms are less. The farmer, of course, produces what he is paid for, but at the moment they are paid mainly for weight, ”says Irene Vänninen, Project Manager for Lyftkraft .