Police Department: the actions of the Metropolitan Police during the demonstration of eco-activists should be evaluated in a complex of events

The Police Department submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs a report on the use of force by the police during the picket of eco-activists in Helsinki.

On Saturday, October 3, the police broke up a peaceful demonstration of the Elokapina movement in the center of Helsinki using pepper spray

The Department believes that the actions of the police should be evaluated in a complex of events. In the opinion of the Office, the use of pepper spray is more appropriate in some situations than forcibly carrying people away.

24 police patrols took part in dispersing the demonstration.

Earlier, the state prosecutor launched a preliminary investigation into the actions of the police at the protest.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman, in turn, received 14 complaints against the actions of the police.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Maria Okhisalo (Greens), commenting on the incident, stressed that for the use of force the cops must have good reasons.