Poll: people don’t install the Koronavilkku app because they don’t see a need for it

More than half of Finnish residents have installed the Koronavilkku coronavirus chain tracking application on their smartphones, according to a survey by Privaon software.

at the same time, 46% of the respondents did not. As the reason, they most often cited the absence of such a need. The respondents also mentioned that they do not know how to install the application or do not have a suitable device to download it.

In a survey conducted in the second half of September by Taloustutkimus, about 1000 residents of Finland took part.

At the same time, the THL Department of Health and Social Development reported that in September, the system received about 600 notifications of infection. According to THL, this is about one third of all coronavirus cases reported in September.

Koronavilkku’s downloads exceeded 2.2 million