Potato secrets Ratatas bravas

The exact origin of the traditional potato with spicy sauce, patatas bravas, is still unknown. But some experts say that this type of tapas was invented in the 60s in Madrid’s famous Casa Pellico and La Casona bars. They say that the potatas bravas were very popular in these establishments. After that, she began to appear in institutions throughout the country.

In 1967, journalist Louis Carandell, in one of his articles, said that ratatas bravas were sometimes called potatoes for the poor, as residents with a small income often tried to somehow to diversify the meager potato menu with spices and lard.

The traditional potatas bravas are served with a hot sauce with cayenne pepper. The methods of cooking the potatoes themselves can vary: they can be fried, deep-fried, boiled or baked.

In 2008, the UN conducted a study of traditional potato dishes from around the world and stated that patatas bravas is definitely of Spanish origin and can safely be considered a traditional dish of this country. In Spain, there is still debate about what the classic sauce should be for this dish. Many advocate the mandatory addition of tomatoes, while others reject its use, based on the fact that only paprika should give the sauce its characteristic color. You already know that Spaniards love to argue about gastronomic topics?