President Niinistö at the funeral of the last Knight of the Cross of Mannerheim: “We thank, we respect, we remember”

The funeral of the last Knight of the Cross of Mannerheim, Tuomas Gerdt .

At the beginning of the Continuation War, he served as a courier in Lappeenranta with the rank of junior officer. He received the Mannerheim Cross for his bravery in battle in 1942.

The president, commander-in-chief of the Defense Forces Sauli Niinistö also took part in the funeral. He praised Gerdt’s contribution to the defense of the fatherland.

– The era of Mannerheim’s knights is over, but their legacy remains. Finland’s post-war success story is unique. We are able to withstand difficulties and believe in overcoming them. By willful effort we protect our values ​​and our country. For all this, Cavalier Tuomas Gerdt, we thank, we respect, we remember.

Flags were lowered all over the country as a sign of respect.

The Mannerheim Cross is a special award of the Finnish Order of the Cross of Liberty, which appeared after the Winter War (1939-1940), named after the Marshal of Finland Carl Gustav Mannerheim . In the Continuation War (1941-1944), 191 Finnish soldiers were awarded this award.