Protection services are increasingly confronted with pets whose owners are addicted and unable to care for their pets

According to the THL health authority, drug use is becoming an increasingly common problem. In Jyväskylä, the veterinary inspector and the owner of the abandoned animal nursery face the dire consequences of this phenomenon every day.

In Jyväskylä, citizens are increasingly addressing the municipal authorities with complaints of animal abuse. Veterinary Inspector Mikko Kananen , who is responsible for supervision in ten municipalities in the region, says the number of such cases has increased.

– It’s been a real problem for a couple of years now. Alcohol and drugs, their impact is reflected in our work every day. Every day you have to deal with the consequences of drug addiction, – comments Kananen.

This is also noted by Katri Raatikainen, owner of an animal shelter. Drugs and alcohol are responsible for an increasing number of dog and cat abuse. At the same time, such incidents are becoming more and more violent.

– Dogs are simply beaten and bullied in every possible way, in the best cases they simply forget about them, do not take care of them. Animals have mats in their fur, claws grow, teeth rot, ”says Raatikainen.

According to the owner of the shelter, it is not uncommon among drug addicts when an animal is passed from one person to another in a circle, since no one has the desire or strength to take care of it.

Veterinary inspector Mikko Kananen reports that often animals are mistreated by young owners who suffer from a whole bunch of addictions and, in general, cannot improve their lives.

Kananen is also surprised that there are more and more fighting dogs in Finland. According to the veterinarian, animals with a tendency to aggression can be a problem for any owner, but in the hands of a person who cannot even take care of himself, such a dog is a real threat to safety.

According to the owner of the kennel, Katri Raatikainen, usually the animals taken from the owners can easily find a new home. At the same time, aggressive animals that have grown up without training and care sometimes have to be euthanized.