Rainbow colors will appear on the bridge in Turku – the failure of the pedestrian crossing did not change the mood of the city authorities

The rainbow pedestrian crossing had to be removed at the request of the police, but the city decided not to abandon the symbols of the LGBT community.

The Theater Bridge will be painted across Turku the Aurajoki river in rainbow colors. The city wants to maintain its values ​​in this way: tolerance and equality.

The rainbow colors will appear on the bridge during June and will adorn it until the end of August.

Paints will be applied to the work Jan-Erik Andersson according to his own plan. Young graffiti artists of the city of Turku will help in this.

Earlier in early June, a rainbow-colored road marking appeared in Turku at the crossroads in front of the city theater building. By his act, he wanted to remind of tolerance, freedom from stereotypes and equality, as well as to support various expressions of sexuality and gender.

The rainbow pedestrian crossing, however, had to be removed at the request of the police. The police considered that he was violating the traffic law.