Renovated Gran Vía metro station opens in Madrid

After nearly three years of renovation, the long-awaited opening of the renewed Madrid Meters Station has taken place. The result of the renovation work impressed the residents of the capital. Outside, it is an exact copy of the architectural object created in 1917 by the architect Antonio Palacios. And inside is the most modern station of the Madrid metro.

Its futuristic design and the latest functionality have already been appreciated by the first passengers. There are 4 new elevators, 13 escalators, a large screen for advertising, ticket machines with speech recognition and even a small museum area where you can see ancient treasures found during excavations for construction work.

Renovation 10.7 million euros were invested in the Gran Vía station. However, the matter was not limited to reconstruction only. The station area was increased from 900 to 2000 square meters. It is projected to handle 66,000 passengers a day.