Riikka Purra becomes the new chairman of True Finns

MP Riikka Purra elected as the new chairman of True Finns.

She received 774 votes out of 1302. Riikke Purra is 44 years old and was elected to parliament in 2019 from Kirkkonummi. She is a master of social and political sciences by education.

For Sakari Puisto , who was considered the main competitor of Purr, 252 people voted.

Ossi Tiihonen and Kristiina Ilmarinen . They were voted for by 181 and 7, respectively.

The chair became vacant after Jussi Halla-aho announced his resignation in early June.

Arto Luukkanen

The Party Congress is being held in Seinäjoki

“I am ready to become Prime Minister”

In my first interview with Yle as head of the party, Purra said she was ready to become prime minister. According to her, the party’s goal is to become the largest in the next parliamentary elections in 2023.

Purra, in his own words, is not going to change the party line, but only to make it brighter.