Riikka to hit Finland on Sunday

Rain is expected in Lapland on Sunday, and extremely severe thunderstorms are expected in the rest of the country after record heat waves.

The Meteorological Center warns residents of dangerous thunderstorms Eastern and Central Finland, as well as the regions of Kainuu and Koillismaa.

Thunderstorms and strong winds are expected everywhere except in the northernmost parts of the country. Winds will reach 25 meters per second in places.

Thunderstorms will hit the west coast on Sunday night, but the heaviest thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon in Eastern Finland and Kainuu.

The Meteorological Center warns that heavy rainfall and thunderstorms form quickly and that beautiful summer weather can suddenly turn into a storm.

According to Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström , Finland will be divided into two on Sunday: heavy rain is expected in Lapland, and heat and heavy thunderstorms alternate to the south.

The weather will get colder after the rains.