Russians can now visit their Finnish dachas – "I do not think the number of border crossings will grow much"

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> Previously, Russians who own country property in Finland needed a good reason to enter the country. Now there is no such requirement. However, traffic on the border is unlikely to revive much – many have expired visas during the pandemic. <7> <8> Since June 21, Russian owners of Finnish cottages can travel to the country more freely than before. <9> <10> Until now, a good reason was required to travel to Finland, for example, information about damage to housing caused by water or a tree falling on the cottage. No such requirement now. <11> <12> Earlier in June, Yle reported that Russian cottage owners would like to see clearer instructions for entering Finland. <13> <14> <15> Vesa Blomkvist <16>, Border Guard Commander Southeast Finland, says the innovation is important for individual summer residents. However, this will hardly affect the total number of arrivals. <17> <18> – I do not think that the number of border crossings will increase much. <19><20> Bloomkvist suggests that many Russians have expired their visas during the pandemic and it may take some time to get a new visa. The number of border crossings is likely to increase gradually. <21> <22> According to Blomkvist, only a few people from Russia arrived in Finland on Monday morning. <23> <24> – There were more football fans among those who entered yesterday and today. <25> <26> You can come with your family <27> <28> As Blomkvist notes, it is impossible to determine in advance the exact number of Russians who want to enter Finland. <29> <30> – I do not know how many real estate Russians have in Finland … It is also not known whether they are going to come here in the summer or have already planned a vacation elsewhere, says Blomkvist. <31> <32> At the border, summer residents need to show a document confirming their ownership of real estate. <33> <34> – Of course, with we also have access to certain registries by which we can check the ownership of the property ourselves. <35><36> Cottage owners can travel with their families. <37> <38> At the Nujamaa and Vaalimaa border checkpoints, coronavirus testing is also continuing, which in principle is compulsory for everyone. <39> <40> The test is not required if there is a certificate of a full course of vaccination completed at least two weeks before the trip, or about an illness suffered during the last six months. However, none of the Russian vaccines are approved by WHO and do not give the right to refuse testing for coronavirus. <41>