Sea turtles have chosen the beaches of Alicante

The Alicante City Council this summer joined the Alerta Tortuga campaign, which sets a protocol to follow in the event of sea turtles or their tracks on the beaches.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among citizens and tourists about the presence of sea turtles and their nesting opportunities on Spanish beaches. It is believed that the period from July to mid-August is the most likely time for reptiles to appear on local beaches.

The initiators of the “Alerta Tortuga” campaign, if turtles are found, urge not to touch them and call 112. After the call from citizens, experts will come to the nesting site to fence off the area and create calm conditions for the presence of these reptiles.

The campaign also involves organizations such as the University of Valencia, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of the Generalitat of Valencia. In addition, local police, emergency and surveillance services, and beach cleaners who are in constant contact with coastal beach vacationers are also involved in the turtle conservation process.