Secrets of the best grilled vegetables from the famous Spanish Barbacoaman

Summer is the time for country gatherings and grilled dishes.If you think grilled vegetables are not tasty, today we have collected for you the tips of Juan Manuel Benayas, a famous Spanish expert in grilling food, whom colleagues and friends call Barbacoaman.He recently published a book, “Entre Brasas Veggie: del huerto a la barbacoa”, which is dedicated to the secrets of delicious grilled vegetables that are considered quite healthy food.We have collected a few secrets from the Spanish Barbacoaman.

Temperature Control

The first tip Benayas gives is to control the temperature to preserve the nutritional value of plant foods.It should always be low.The main advantage of grilling is that vegetables are not cooked in water or oil, but in their own juice, thus retaining their aroma.

Use natural elements for the fire

Benayas reminds that all substances along with smoke penetrate into food.Certain chemicals can give it an unpleasant taste and aroma.Such substances are completely unhealthy.Therefore, he advises using natural elements to light the fire: wood chips, straw, etc.

Cooking large pieces on a hook

You want to grill whole vegetables, butnot sure how to bake them completely without burning the rind?Benayas suggests doing this by hanging them on a hook above the fire.There the vegetables will be evenly baked and filled with a smoky aroma.

Cooking on the grill in the cookware

In his book, the master explains how to use all types of cookware on charcoal.For example, in a wok pan, you can fry rice over a fire, cook fried eggs or vegetables.They will also be impregnated with a light smoky aroma.

What to add to vegetables?

Benayas, along with famous Spanish chefs, proposes to boldly add both vegetable and animal proteins to vegetables when cooking on charcoal.This can be tofu, meats, eggs or classic cheeses.