Security services missed another terrorist attack in Paris

The area around Rue Nicolas Apper in the XI arrondissement of the French capital, where the building of the now former edition of the shocking satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is located, is again, like five years ago, surrounded by reinforced outfits the police. There are military patrols around.

In January 2015, terrorists massacred 12 journalists who published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. This Friday, an 18-year-old boy, whose name is not yet known, a dozen paces from this house, attacked two men with a huge cleaver like the one used in butcher shops.

Wounded both of them. And to one – heavy.

The police officers who arrived at the scene set off on the trail of the intruder. After some time, he was detained near the Bastille Square. The guy was given traces of blood on his clothes. A verbal portrait made up of the description of one of the victims – the one who was more fortunate – also helped.

Note that the attacker had an accomplice. He was arrested by agents of the transport police near the Richard Lenoir metro station.

There can be no doubt that this state of emergency is a terrorist attack. As it turns out now, the guy with the cleaver was pushed to the crime by the desire to take revenge on Charlie Hebdo for the republishing of mocking cartoons on the occasion of the opening in Paris of a high-profile trial of accomplices of terrorists who staged a massacre in the editorial office of the magazine.

In connection with this raid from the French. many questions arise, and first of all they are addressed to the authorities, including the current owner of the Elysee Palace, who has repeatedly argued that the safety of citizens and order are his most important priorities.

True, rather, not in my own country, but abroad. So, in his speech at the current session of the UN General Assembly, Macron proposed his own version of putting things in order in Belarus, despite the fact that, as we see, there are plenty of problems with this in France. They would like to take the “yellow vests” that have been going out to protest demonstrations for almost two years in a row, every now and then, arranging battles with the police.

The attack with a cleaver in the center of Paris is also a clear puncture of the local special services, which did not were able to identify potential terrorists. Obviously they missed.

But in the country, especially in socially disadvantaged areas, every year there are more and more people who are saturated with radical ideas, sooner or later leading to bloody events like what happened on the street Nicolas Apper.

And more. The tragic lesson of five years ago, as this emergency shows, has not been learned by the staff of Charlie Hebdo itself. By republishing the defiant drawings, they endangered not only their own lives, but, as has now been confirmed, also other innocent people. The injured young man and woman turned out to be employees of the Premières Lignes news agency, which is located in the building from which Charlie Hebdo’s editorial staff had long since moved out. They just went outside for a smoke and got stabbed.