Singer Pablo Alboran becomes the new UNICEF Ambassador to Spain

During the most difficult months of isolation, the famous Spanish singer Pablo Alboran released the song Cuando estés aquí, which became the anthem of people fighting the pandemic in Spain and around the world. The singer often organized solidarity concerts at school. All his life he has been helping and supporting people in need of this support. For almost 10 years, in collaboration with UNICEF in Spain, he has been working to defend the rights of children and youth from all over the world. Pablo often tells his fans about the difficult situations in which children find themselves, and encourages everyone to provide all possible help.

All this led to the fact that he was appointed as UNICEF Ambassador to Spain. “I am delighted to be the UNICEF Ambassador to Spain. It inspires me to continue to support millions of children and adolescents so they can grow up healthy and fulfill their potential. There are still too many people around the world who live in conditions of violence and war, without access to the most basic things and opportunities. It is imperative to protect their rights. Our world depends on children, because without childhood there is no progress, “said the singer after receiving the honorary status.

The list of UNICEF ambassadors in Spain also includes Sergio Ramos, Pau Gasol, Marc Marquez, David Bisbal and Sarah Carbonero.