South Karelia urged to let Russians vaccinated by Sputnik into Finland

According to the regional government of South Karelia, Finland should promote the approval of the Russian Sputnik coronavirus vaccine. The region would like to open the eastern border to vaccinated travelers. The satellite has not yet been approved by the EU Medicines Agency.

Chairman of the Regional Government of South Karelia Jukka Kopra said that the region would like to return traffic across the border as close to pre-pandemic levels as possible.

– A vaccination passport could be a great tool. I think Finland could well be active in this matter and contact the Russian side. The suitability of Sputnik can be confirmed by the most reliable and good Finnish methods. So the question would have been resolved. We can quite solve this with the Russians. If some data from the Russians have not yet been received, then, of course, they must be obtained. I am sure they will be provided to us if we ask, – said Kopra.