Spain’s first skateboarding museum is located in Barcelona

Soren Mansoni calls himself a “Mediterranean surfer”, as he spent most of his life on the beaches of Barcelona. He also loves to travel, so he often travels the world as a DJ and party maker called Nasty Mondays.

He currently devotes a lot of time to his Manzoni’s Garage, located in Barcelona, ​​in a space of 200 square meters. Here he keeps his large collection, which he has been collecting for 25 years. He began collecting skateboards when he was working in a store, where old copies were often brought and exchanged for new ones at a surcharge. Manzoni’s Garage is the first museum dedicated to skateboarding in Spain, displaying over 1,500 skateboards from around the world. Soren continues to share the history of skateboarding culture with today’s youth.

He is very proud to be able to create Spain’s first skateboarding museum in Barcelona, ​​a city recognized worldwide as the capital of skateboarding. The museum also displays rare types of vintage pinball machines, cassette recorders and scooters. The most original piece of the collection, he considers the cassette recorder from 1986 with LED inserts, which can be seen in Madonna’s video for the song Hung Up.

Soren says that he likes to look back and pay attention to projects and objects of the past. They inspire him and remind him of childhood and adolescence. His main inspiration and mentor is the owner of the world’s largest skateboarding museum, located in Los Angeles. He often sends him Spanish copies, and in return receives rare American skateboards. At the same time, Soren himself managed to inspire another skateboarding fan who lives in Toulouse (France) to create a bright project.

To visit the museum, please contact Soren Mansoni through his @sorenmanzoni.