State Treasury satisfied the majority of applications for coronavirus subsidies from companies

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> In the third round, 76 percent of applicants received financial support for companies affected by the pandemic, which is much more than before. <7> <8> According to the State Treasury, in the third round, subsidies were provided to 11,000 companies for a total of almost 180 million euros. Applications will be accepted for two more days. <9> <10> That said, only 27 percent of applications were approved in the first round of subsidies last summer, and 39 percent in the second round earlier this year. <11> <12> Overall more than € 487 million in grants have been paid in three rounds. <13> <14> Businesses can receive grants to cover the total costs of the coronavirus in the range of € 2,000 to € 500,000. <15>