Stories of the brave women of La Palma, whose life is connected with the ocean

The inhabitants of the islands are always associated with the seas and oceans that wash them. Every year new generations of fishermen, sea salt miners and ship captains appear on the island. Among them there are also brave beautiful women, whose stories cannot but admire. Let’s get to know them better.

Maria Dulse Martin – the last boatwoman of the island

Maria Dulse became a boatwoman at the age of 17, following in the footsteps of her mother, who proudly carried this title all her life. Now this beautiful lady is 88 years old and she fondly remembers her hard work. The boatwomen had to get up very early and go to sea with the fishermen. Then, laden with the catch, they went to sell it to neighboring villages. Pregnancy was not a hindrance to work, so women worked almost until the very birth. Maria worked tirelessly until she was 63 years old. Now the woman is the last representative of her profession on this island.

Leticia Hernandez – Salt Flats Worker

The young girl is the only woman on the salt flats in the south of the island, which were built by her grandfather. Now she and her brother are actively developing them. It is important to control the pumping of seawater into the pools at all times, where the water evaporates under the influence of high temperatures, but the salt remains. This work is quite difficult, since the temperature goes off scale, and the tools weigh a lot. But Leticia is very proud of the fact that she and her brother preserve the salt traditions of their ancestors.

Lisa Schreter is a marine biologist and ecologist

Los Nogales, with its black sands and secluded cliffs, is one of the most picturesque beaches on the east coast of the island. Lisa Schroeter, a young German woman who made the island her home, usually works in such an environment. The girl created the Oceanológico project to help people connect with the ocean and get to know it better. She says that contact with the sea has a therapeutic effect on people, so she wants as many people as possible to touch it.