Suldaan Said Ahmed to become the first MP with Somali roots: “The glass ceiling needs to be broken”

Paavo Arhinmäki will take over as Deputy Mayor of Helsinki.The vacant deputy chair will be taken by Suldaan Said Ahmed, a civic activist and member of the capital city council.

When the capital branch of the Union of Left Forces nominated deputy Paavo Arhinmaki for the post of deputy mayor of Helsinki, Sylvia Modig got the opportunity to rise from the reserve seat to the deputy post.The politician, however, decided to stay in the European Parliament.

Thus, the vacated deputy seat will be taken by Suldaan Said Ahmed , a civil activist and member of the Helsinki City Council.

Mudig notes thatthe decision was not easy as she highly values ​​the work of the Finnish parliament.Mudig said he was influenced by the fact that she has made significant progress in tackling climate change at EU level.

– On a weekly basis, I can directly influence decisions that are important to the climate.That is why I consider it right to continue this work.

Said Ahmed, she wished him wisdom and strength to complete a difficult task.

“There is no better task in a democratic state than being a member of parliament,” Mudig commented.

“I am the first, but definitely not the last”

Suldaan Said Ahmed says that it is a great honor for him to work as a member of parliament.He calls climate policy and prevention of marginalization important topics for himself.

– There is a lot of work ahead.I am very grateful for the trust and glad that I can work for the good of Finland, – says Said Ahmed.

Said Ahmed will become the first MP with Somali roots.

– This means a lot to me.Role models matter a lot, and glass roofs are made to break.I am the first, but certainly not the last.