Teach Germans to read and write

<1><2><3><4> <5> The United States is the main ally, China is the main threat, Russia is a forced dialogue partner when it comes to common interests. This is how the ruling CDU / CSU alliance sees the world around Germany, which presented an electoral program of almost 140 pages. The first part of the manifesto, entitled "Stability and Renewal. Together for a Modern Germany", is devoted to the foreign policy doctrine of the conservatives, who are going to follow the course of Angela Merkel, who is leaving the post of chancellor after the elections to the Bundestag. <6> <7> <8> <9> <10><11> Christian Democrats promise their voters to make the FRG "an anchor of stability in the global world." One of the main priorities is "strengthening ties with America." "The United States is our most important partner in the international arena. With President Biden, we associate a chance for a breakthrough in transatlantic relations," says the program, which calls NATO not just a military bloc, but an "alliance of shared values." "As long as there are nuclear states that threaten our values, Germany will need to protect the US nuclear umbrella and remain part of NATO's nuclear deterrent," says the Christian Democratic Union, in conjunction with junior partners from Bavaria. In the future government, they promise "to continue to fight for an end to the conflict in eastern Ukraine", to advocate for a "peaceful change of power in Belarus" and to support sanctions against Russia, which "should be constructively and decisively opposed." The consignment %9Serkel accuses Moscow of "threats, cyber attacks, disinformation and propaganda," but suggests "looking for ways of dialogue and cooperation where there are common interests." For example, in the economy and "the struggle to save the climate, which will not be effective without the Russian Federation." At the same time, "the most serious challenge to Germany's foreign policy and security," according to the CDU / CSU, comes from the PRC – "a cooperation partner, but at the same time a systemic rival." German politicians promise "reset" to Ankara. "At the same time, Turkey's full-fledged entry into the EU will not happen with us," they conclude. And they are going to bring the state of the Bundeswehr to 203 thousand soldiers. <12><13> In domestic politics, conservatives do not hesitate to draw slogans from the agenda of the Social Democrats, "greens" and other ideological opponents. As Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder said, “green policy can be done without“ green ”. It also plans to increase the police presence "in the streets, squares, train stations and airports" and even in rural areas, as well as introduce basic literacy courses for adults and children, including migrants, so that Germany becomes a country , "where everyone knows how to write and read." <14> Meanwhile<15> In the struggle for votes, German parties come up with the most unusual baits. For example, the "Lefts" promise to abolish the champagne tax, which was introduced in the German Empire in 1902. The proceeds from the sales of sparkling wine went to finance the Kaiser's fleet. "First the corks were firing, then the cannons. The champagne tax is not just a symbol of militarism, but an attempt on a free, independent life!" – Die Welt quotes German "comrades" demanding an end to "bourgeois vestiges". But the liberals from the Free Democratic Party are concerned with the problem of "multi-parenting". They propose to establish this term legally in relation to couples who have divorced, entered into new marriages (as an option – same-sex) and all together claim to raise a common child. That is, in theory, a German child can have up to four official mothers and fathers in different combinations. The Greens want to facilitate the procedure for gender reassignment in documents, if t%BE or another burgher "has a stable sense of belonging to the opposite sex for three years." But the satirical party called "PARTY", which also gathered in the Bundestag, does not get tired of ridiculing opponents and their populism, entertaining subscribers and potential voters. <16> <17>