The Association of Restaurateurs will file a complaint against the actions of the Kymsote medical district, which did not test football fans returning from St. Petersburg

The Association believes that tens of millions of euros were lost due to the actions of the Medical District.

The Association of Tourism and Restaurant Sectors MaRa plans to submit a complaint against the Kymenlaakso Region Medical District Kymsote to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. The reason was the actions of his employees, who in June at the border in Vaalimaa allowed about 800 football fans returning to Finland from St. Petersburg without tests without tests.

This happened on June 22, when a large number of buses with football tourists arrived at the Vaalimaa border checkpoint at the same time after the match Finland – Belgium. They decided to let them through without testing, so as not to create a traffic jam at the border, but they took their contact details and ordered them to take a test at their place of residence. More than 400 coronavirus infections associated with football fans were later identified.

MaRa believes that this has led to an increase in infection rates in the country, which has tightened restrictions on restaurants and public events in the Varsinais-Suomi and Päijat-Häme regions, and did not experience the expected relaxation of restrictions in Uusimaa. The Association believes that medical officials neglected their duties, which caused the industry to lose tens of millions of euros in revenues in Uusimaa alone.