The beginning of October turned out to be a record warm

The beginning of October in many areas turned out to be record warm. Temperatures in Northern Lapland differed the most from the average.

– In Lapland, the first five days of October were warmer than ever. Temperatures were above average throughout the country, and many places were exceptionally warm, says Yle meteorologist Kerttu Kotakorpi .

In Lapland, temperatures were 6 degrees above normal, and across the country – 4-5 degrees.

– Also the next five days will be four degrees warmer than average. Temperatures will be higher at night than the average daytime temperature in early October, says Kotakorpi.

Strong southern currents are the reason for the warm autumn. Cotakorpi notes that last weekend in Eastern Europe was a record warm weather. For example, in Hungary, the thermometer rose in places above 30 degrees.

Winds and intermittent rain are expected

Despite the high temperature, the weather will not be very pleasant. It will rain every day in some part of the country this week.

– Rain comes and goes. Most of the rains will be short-lived. Autumn gray weather will set in. Drizzling rain, foggy, cloudy, but heavy rains are not expected, says Kotakorpi.

Forecasters warn of strong winds at sea, in South-West Finland and the Aland Islands.