The best pizza in Spain is made in Barcelona

La Balmesina pizzeria in Barcelona has been a favorite of the locals since its opening. She won her status, becoming the winner in the category “Best Neapolitan pizza” at the national competition Concurso Nacional de Pizzas de Madrid Fusión. But this is not the only winner from Barcelona in this competition. Can Pizza by twin brothers Colombo and Isaac Aliaga won the Free Style award.

Want to know which pizzas are the winners? Get ready to lick your toes. La Balmesina triumphed with Rita Pizza, which is an alternative to the classic Margarita. This is a classic tomato pizza with basil and fresh mozzarella, the dough of which is made with sourdough fermentation for 72 hours. In summer, the establishment relies on fresh seasonal tomatoes, which adds a special tenderness to the pizza. In addition, regular visitors appreciate its special soft dough with slightly crispy sides.

Can Pizza won the Best Free Style Pizza award with Jerry Tomato pizza by their famous pizza maker Lolo Zozza. This talented man has been making pizza since the age of 14 and does it so perfectly that people from other parts of the city come for his creations. The dough of this pizza is also made on a long-term fermentation sourdough (48 hours). To participate in the competition in Madrid, they had to carry their dough in special tanks. And the main character of the filling is tomatoes, but not only fresh, but also dried, candied and soaked. You have definitely not tried such a combination of tomatoes together.

The jury of the national competition, which was lucky to try all types, consisted of different representatives of the gastronomic world: chefs, pastry chefs, gastronomic journalists , food business.