The best tomatoes were chosen in Mallorca

Finding a juicy and tasty tomato is a business that has many secrets of its own. Experts point out that the more perfect a tomato, the more likely it will be tasteless. Sometimes, in order to find the best of the best, shoppers have to go through more than one market. To help them, the annual Mallorca Tomato Competition was created, which was held this year for the sixth time.

The founder of this competition, Tiffany Blackman, longed to remember the unforgettable feeling of biting a fragrant tomato. Her dream came true when she began collaborating with the island’s farmers who grow local varieties in their gardens.

A jury of renowned experts from the Mallorcan gastronomic sector met on 27 July at Botànic Restaurant, the first plant forward restaurant on the island, for tasting 17 different varieties of tomatoes. The winners this year were the following varieties: Tomate de ramellet from Finca Son Joan Jaume (Manacor) and pink tomato from Finca Can Xalet

What characteristics helped to make the final verdict? Having cut the fruit into slices, the jury tried them both in natural form and seasoned with oil and salt. They tested their texture, smell, taste, acidity, skin thickness and smoothness of the flesh.