The burden of the whites

There are “too many white men” in the diplomatic service in Germany, it’s time to fight their “dominance” and give preference to minorities when hiring. With such a call, an article was published in the InternAA magazine, a corporate publication of the German Foreign Ministry. The newspaper Bild drew attention to her. She notes with some skepticism that the publication, seemingly calling for equality, looks extremely ideological and, in fact, calls for discrimination against a whole group of citizens (the same white men) by skin color, origin and gender, which actually contradicts the Basic Law countries.

The magazine ranks citizens with immigration roots, East Germans and women among the allegedly "oppressed" groups in the German diplomatic service. The article proposes not only to introduce quotas for them to serve in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but "to make preferences until the composition of the ministry at all levels reflects the real balance in society." As Bild admits, the authors of the publication are guided not even by slogans about equality and rights, but by the ideology of the American radical movement Woke (the name is translated as "awakened", "revived" or even "enlightened"). Its adherents propagandize "anti-racism", feminism and LGBT activism, and with a very aggressive obsession. According to Bild, the "revived" spend whole days in American universities, when white students are not allowed to come to the classroom, and they disrupt unwanted events. And now the publication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, for some reason, invites the department to follow the example of American activists. The article contains expressions such as"white privilege" or even "excessive whiteness", which sounds very racist.

The magazine ranks citizens with immigration roots, East Germans and women among the allegedly "oppressed" groups in the German diplomatic service.

In the meantime, the concept of quotas in Germany is still being rebuffed in places. For example, at the beginning of the year, the Berlin Senate abandoned the introduction of a 35 percent quota for migrants in the department's state. It was lobbied by the "Left", but the Senator for Internal Affairs Andreas Geisel of the Social Democrats defended the previous approach: the institution will hire specialists according to their professional qualities and regardless of origin – and this will be the best fight against any form of discrimination. And last year, the Thuringian Constitutional Court ruled illegal and undemocratic the "Parity Law", which requires the introduction of gender quotas on the electoral lists of parties so that men and women are necessarily equally divided.

But in German business quotas have made their way after years of debate. In June, the Bundestag approved a sensational bill on women's representation in the management of listed companies. According to Suddeutsche Zeitung, from now on, there should be at least one woman among the three members of the board of directors. If a vacancy is vacant, and there is still no woman among the top managers, then it is the lady who becomes the new boss. Now 42 out of 64 German companies meet this requirement. Prior to this, "female" quotas were applied only to the supervisory boards of firms. On the other side of the Atlantic, the topic also resonates. At the end of last year, one of the largest US stock exchanges suddenly decided to diversify the boards of directors of companies participating in the auction by the obligatory presence of at least one woman, a representative of an ethnic and sexual minority. "I have Irish, African and Vikings in my family. Give me an armchair right awayCEO! "- then joked the readers on the forum.


A new holiday will be established in the United States – the Day of the Abolition of Slavery – in memory of the event of 1865. Senators in Congress voted unanimously to make June 19 a weekend, The Washington Post reported. "This is a big step forward in recognizing the mistakes of the past. We must continue to strive for the same justice for all," – said the leader of the Democrats in the Senate Chuck Schumer. By the way, last summer his colleague, Republican Senator Ron Johnson, vetoed the bill, because an extra day off for civil servants will cost the treasury $ 600 million. And if someone needs a new holiday so much, why not donate, for example, Columbus Day? This time, however, Johnson gave up. The newspaper has no doubts that the House of Representatives will not be in charge either.