The court sentenced the murderers from Koskela as minors

The Helsinki County Court sentenced three minors to prison for the brutal murder of a peer in the metropolitan area of ​​Koskela.

The Helsinki County Court sentenced three teenagers to lengthy imprisonment for the premeditated murder of a peer that occurred on December 4, 2020.

The court sentenced the main defendant to 10 years and 1 month in prison. The second received 9 years and 2 months, the third – 8 years and 2 months. Under Finnish law, a minor cannot be sentenced to life imprisonment, which is usually the penalty for premeditated murder with aggravated circumstances.

Three convicted were sentenced for murder and other crimes.

Shock for the whole country: how the murder in Koskela, which shocked Finland, happened

According to the court ruling, at the time of the crime, the teenagers were aware of their actions and understood the consequences of their actions. They had to realize that as a result of beatings and bullying, a helpless victim left alone on bare ground on a frosty night could die, which happened later.

According to a court order, the murder was committed by prior conspiracy in a particularly cruel way.

At the time of the crime, all three were 16 years old, which served as the basis for the mitigation of punishment. Minors sentenced to imprisonment for the first time in Finland have the right to be released on parole after serving only a third of the term.