The Eiffel Tower will reopen to visitors from 16 July

After eight months of inactivity, the Eiffel Tower will again become available to visitors from July 16. One of the main attractions in Paris was closed at the end of October last year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

All guests over 11 years old must wear protective masks and maintain social distance, according to the Eiffel Tower website. According to the current sanitary protocol, the number of visitors will be limited by 50%.

It is also noted that from July 21, visitors over 18 years old will need a sanitary pass, suggesting either being vaccinated against coronavirus or a fresh negative test. The tower will be open to the public every day, RIA Novosti writes.

According to French media reports, due to the closure of the monument in 2020, revenue losses amounted to 52 million euros, in 2021 this figure may reach 70 million euros.