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The elements raged in Oulu: a passer-by was crushed to death by a tree, shops were flooded

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> According to the Oulu Rescue Service, the storm that began at 2.30 pm caused more than 70 calls to be answered in less than an hour. <7> <8> Until 20:00, rescue services responded more than 120 times to calls from citizens reporting damage or destruction caused by the thunderstorm. <9> <10> The storm that began in the afternoon also claimed at least one human life, police said in Oulu. <11> <12> Rescue service received a call from Hiukkavaara Park, according to which two people were crushed by a fallen tree. A police patrol arrived at the scene and found a team of paramedics who witnessed the death of one of them. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of death. <13> <14> Rescue Services report at least three life-threatening calls. <15>