The entire strawberry crop may not be harvested in time – all varieties ripened too early and at the same time

Finnish strawberries that have ripened a couple of weeks ahead of schedule due to hot weather may not be harvested on time.

The main strawberry harvest season came at a record-breaking early. For example, in North Karelia the harvest was ripe even before Midsummer's Day.

Farmers were ready for a rich harvest, but the premature ripening took them by surprise.

– Some of the berry pickers should come to Finland only at the beginning of July, when most varieties usually ripen. There are not enough workers now, explains gardening expert Päivi Turunen from ProAgria.

The simultaneous ripening of all strawberry varieties was also exceptional this year.

The abundance of strawberries and high competition in the market have lowered prices slightly. In Joensuu, for example, on Tuesday they sold a five-kilogram box for 25 euros.

Farmers and berry sellers warn that the main crop of strawberries will be sold out soon.