The European Parliament raised the issue of espionage in the EU by foreign states

Belgian MEP Philippe De Man (Identity and Democracy Group) raised the issue of espionage in the EU by foreign powers. The deputy expressed his position in a corresponding appeal to the European Commission. RT got acquainted with the document.

As De Man recalled, in June the European Parliament asked the United States for clarification in connection with Washington’s “espionage activities” in Europe. At the same time, De Man clarified that Denmark, a country – a member of the European Union, helped the American side carry out such work.

According to the deputy, it has long been known that “the United States does not hesitate to spy on its allies.”

In particular, De Man noted, the United States pursues such a policy in order to obtain commercial benefits, for example, in the situation with the sale of defense equipment.

In this regard, he turned to the European Commission with the question whether there was a “detailed survey” of which countries are “actively involved in espionage in the EU” and which sectors are most vulnerable in this regard.

“Counter-espionage measures are within the competence of the member states. To what extent does the European Commission coordinate intelligence activities between member states? ” – De Man also asked.

In May, the European media reported that the Danish intelligence services helped the US National Security Agency to monitor a number of European politicians. Among them were German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the current President of the Federal Republic of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and other dignitaries from Sweden, France and Norway.