The evacuation of Czechs from Afghanistan began

The first Czech military aircraft, carrying 46 Czechs and their colleagues with families from Afghanistan, landed on the morning of August 16 at the Kbely airport in Prague.

The Czech Republic began evacuating diplomats after the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated sharply and the Taliban Islamist movement took control of almost the entire country, including Kabul. Foreign Minister Jakub Kulganek said the rescue operation would continue.

An Army Airbus departed from Kabul on Sunday at about 11:00 pm CET. The Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Jan Hamacek, believes that it was a miracle to organize the departure of the Czech plane, given the rapidly deteriorating situation at the international airport in Kabul.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Andrei Babish announced on Twitter about the departure of a plane with Czechs from Afghanistan. In his speech, he thanked the Minister of Foreign Affairs Kulganek and the Czech army. “I wish we could be more specific. We will not provide any details until the end of the rescue operation, ”he added. According to him, the details will appear when everyone is safe.

How many evacuation flights are planned, Kulganek did not say. According to the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies Ondřej Vesely, the rescue operation affects less than a hundred people. The Czech Republic is evacuating two diplomats from Afghanistan, including Ambassador Baloun, the KAMBA military police unit, local Czech embassy staff and translators who have assisted the Czech army.

In recent days, the Czech government has been criticized for its slow response. Critics also point out that not all Afghan translators receive assistance. Government officials deny the charges.

In addition to the Czech Republic, other countries have also begun to evacuate their diplomats and staff. In particular, the United States completed the evacuation of the embassy in Kabul.

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