The film “Coupe No. 6” won the main prize of the Jerusalem Film Festival

The premiere of the film will take place in Finland on October 29.

At the International Film Festival in Jerusalem, which has been taking place since 1984, the director’s Finnish-Russian film Juho Kuosmanena “Coupe No. 6” won the main prize. The film competed with another thirteen films, one of which was the last work by Kirill Serebrennikov “The Petrovs in the Flu.”

The jury justified its choice as follows: movie, entertaining, smart, which is impossible not to fall in love with. This is a film that is free from restrictions, in which the whole world appears in one compartment and in which both geographical and cultural boundaries are crossed. ”

The jury consisted of Director Ari Folman , Editor Neely Feller and Cameraman Shai Goldman .

In July, the film received Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival. On September 9, at the Kokkola festival, the pre-premiere screening of the tape will take place in Finland.

The premiere in Finnish cinemas is set for October 29th. In Russia, the film will be released a day earlier.