The Finnish Olympic team includes 47 athletes

On the last day of submission of applications for participation in the Olympics, the team was replenished with 13 more participants. It is still questionable who will fill the third place in the javelin competition and whether women’s weightlifting will get the right to participate at the expense of the wild card.

On Monday, the Finnish Olympic Committee announced that 13 athletes have been added to the Tokyo squad. Thus, the Olympic team included a total of 47 athletes.

Three more qualified, but for various reasons will not take part in the competition. Tennis player Emil Ruusuvuori withdrew, prioritizing ATP tournaments. Sprinter Lotta Kemppinen qualified but was injured afterwards. Badminton player Airi Mikkela decided to end her career.

Monday was the last day to apply for participation in the Olympics, so no significant changes in the national team are expected.

Two places in the team remain in question.

One of the places concerns spear throwers. Of the three possible competitors of this type, Lassi Etelatalo and Tony Kuusela have already guaranteed tickets to Tokyo. The third is claimed by Antti Ruuskanen and Oliver Helander . The choice between them will be made at the Grand Prix in Joensuu on July 14th.

In addition, weightlifter Anni Vuohijoki may be on the team. Its fate depends on whether Turkey and Colombia get the right to participate. The decision is made by the International Weightlifting Federation.

Finland’s goals at the Tokyo Olympics

The head of the Olympic Committee’s sports development commission Mika Lehtimäki said that the goal of the Finnish national team was to earn 10 medals at two Olympics: the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and summer in Tokyo. In South Korea, the Finns have already conquered six.

– Four is not enough, which is too difficult for the Tokyo Olympics, one might even say unrealistic. The goal was set long ago, and we will follow it, – explained Lehtimäki.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held from July 23 to August 8.

The composition of the Finnish Olympic team by sports

Badminton – 1

Kalle Kollonen

Boxing – 1

Mira Potkonen

Wrestling – 2

Elias Kuosmanen, Arvi Savolainen

Golf – 4

Sami Välimäki, Matilda Castren, Sanna Nuutinen, Kalle Samooya

Equestrian sport – 1

Henri Ruoste

Athletics – 22 (+1)

Jarkko Kinnunen, Annimari Korte, Silja Kosonen, Sara Kuivisto, Tony Kuusela, Elmo Lakka, Elina Lampela, Viivi Lehikoinen, Vilma Murto, Kristiina Mäkela, Nooralotta Neziri, Alexi Ojala, Veli-Matti Partanen, Christian Pully, Topi Raitanen, Camilla Richardson, Senni Salminen, Christa Tervo, Maria Huntington, Reetta Hurske, Lassi Etelatalo, Ella Junnila

Sailing – 5

Axeli Keskinen, Sinem Kurtbai, Tuuli Petaya-Siren, Kaarle Tupper, Tuula Tenkanen

Swimming – 5

Ari-Pekka Liukkonen, Matti Mattsson, Fanny Teijonsalo , Ida Hulkko, Mimosa Yallow

Skateboarding – 1

Lizzie Armanto

Shooting Sports – 3

Eetu Kallioinen, Satu Mäkelä-Nummela, Larry Pesonen

Archery – 1

Antti Vikström

Road Cycling – 1

Lotta Henttala