The first vegan pizza route is being prepared in Barcelona

Vegans, people with lactose intolerance and not special lovers of dairy cheeses, always rejoice at the opportunity to eat a piece of flavored pizza without animal products. Therefore, Max Boniface and Ana Luz Sans, owners of Väcka, a vegan restaurant company that produces vegetable cheeses using traditional fermentation processes using 12th century technology, are presenting the Veggie Pizza Warrior Week initiative in different cities in Spain. From 22 to 28 August, you can walk the Vegan Pizza Route in Barcelona and sample many different options designed specifically for the event.

In the Catalan capital, famous pizzerias such as Da Michele, Balmesina (Spain’s best pizzeria), Madre Lievito, Pizzart and Väcka will take part in the initiative. The full list of participants is still growing.

Max Boniface says that in Spain, residents consume about 44 million pizzas a year. It is one of the most consumed foods and also a simple vegan dish. “If 20% of the pizza sold in Spain were 100% vegetable, we could help reduce 12 million kilograms of carbon dioxide and billions of liters of water in a year. Plant-based foods are a long-term solution to reduce environmental impact without losing the ability to consume your favorite foods, ”he says.