The fourth wave of coronavirus will “cover” France at the end of July

France is no longer immune to the fourth wave of COVID-19 associated with the emergence of the Delta strain, originally discovered in India, which has been rapidly spreading in the Fifth Republic over the past few days …

Health Minister Olivier Veran has warned of a possible peak in the incidence in late July. France is “racing against time” to “get vaccinated even faster”, especially among those caring for the sick, Veran said. “In less than a week, the epidemic has recovered, and the Delta variant, which is particularly contagious, especially alarming, is gaining momentum very quickly,” French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on France Inter.

Institut Pasteur, France’s leading infectious disease center, has warned of a possible fourth wave of a pandemic in the country. However, according to scientists, it will come much later, in the fall, if the current level of vaccination continues. The Delta variant is more contagious than the original virus strain, but France does not exclude the appearance of other infection mutations. And experts say there could be more by August.

France has confirmed 2,549 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, up 27 percent from previous days. According to Attal, “The virus mutation is doubling almost every week, and France is now facing a 30 percent increase in Delta-related infections.

Professor Gillali Annanet, head of the intensive care unit at Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches, told BFMTV that France has all the conditions for a fourth wave of the pandemic to start, and “it is more than likely.” According to him, young people aged 15-30 are among the least vaccinated, they are among those who will be most susceptible to infection, attending sports, cultural and other events. “Thus, they will contribute to the rapid spread of the virus using the Delta option,” the scientist explained. He noted that in the next 15 days the number of hospitalized with severe forms of COVID-19 will increase, “this is inevitable.” we will see the consequences in the form of hospitalizations within 4-8 weeks “, – predicts the head of the intensive care unit.

Meanwhile, Patrick Pellou, President of the French Association of Ambulance Physicians, also believes that the fourth wave of the pandemic in France is inevitable, however, he said, it could sweep the country not in the summer, but in October. “We are slowly but surely seeing an increase in the number of cases. And here we are talking about the Delta variant, but we have not finished listing the Greek alphabet, because I bet there will still be mutations. Because this is the normal life of the virus. Not be afraid, because we have a weapon that protects against the virus: this is a vaccine, “Pella summed up.

By the way

According to the Ministry of Health Israel, the effectiveness of the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine in Israel has decreased due to the Delta option: it currently protects against infection by only 64 percent. In February, the Ministry of Health announced that the vaccine prevented coronavirus disease by 95.8 percent.