The French declared a fight to the cigarette butts

In France, tobacco manufacturers will contribute 80 annually to the budget million euros, which will go to clean up scattered cigarette butts. And this despite the fact that a cigarette butt thrown past the urn is charged a considerable fine.

After that, the authorities’ patience snapped, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection remembered the law on circulation and waste control adopted in the past. With reference to this document, it was prescribed that, in addition to ill-mannered smokers who pay fines, cigarette manufacturers should also be responsible for environmental pollution.

The ministry expects that within six years the number of cigarette butts in the country will decrease by at least 40 percent.

By the way, according to the ministry, France is the first European country to take such a step. True, who and how exactly will pay for negligent smokers has not yet been specified. Meanwhile, according to statistics from the European Union, 22.4% of the population smokes in France.