The highest swing in Spain is in the Castile and Leon region

The majestic mountains and variety of nature are the main attractions of the province of Leon. It is in this province that the village of Riaño is located, which is famous for its incredible landscapes, as if descended from a postcard. The highest swing in Spain is also located here, sitting on which you can lose the feeling of time and space, because it seems that you are hovering over the entire valley. The swing has two oak bases about 8 meters high. Parents are warned not to leave their children unattended.

Climbing to the Alto de Valcayo observation deck at a height of 1200 meters, travelers freeze in greatness. They christened the local landscapes “leons fjords”, as they are in no way inferior in beauty and majesty to the Norwegian fjords. Rather, they even bypass them in popularity, since this beauty can be enjoyed here, “flying” on a swing. The platform overlooks such peaks as Pico Gilbo, Las Pintas and El Yordas. There are many hiking trails along them, which can be hiked the next day. In the evening, the observation deck is filled with those who want to admire the incredibly beautiful sunsets.

If you come to these parts, then do not forget to ride a jet ski on the Riaño reservoir, which can be seen from above. Delight and refreshing effect on hot days are guaranteed.