The man who hit Macron was sentenced to prison and a fine

Damien Tarel, who slapped French President Emmanuel Macron, was sentenced to four months in prison. He will go to serve his sentence right from the courtroom. The defense has ten days to appeal. This was reported by the French television channel BFMTV.

The prosecution at the court hearing called the act of 28-year-old Tarel “completely unacceptable” and “an act of deliberate violence” and demanded 18 months of imprisonment and a fine of 45 thousand euros for him.

The incident occurred during Macron’s visit to the Drome department in southeastern France on June 8th. During a meeting with voters, Tarel, who was in the crowd, first shook the president’s hand and then slapped him in the face. The guards quickly detained Tarel, as well as his accomplice, who, as it turned out, was filming what was happening on video. The accomplice was later released until 2022, when he will have to stand trial again, as a weapon was found in his house during a search.

During interrogation, Tarel said that his actions “were not planned in advance.”

The French president himself did not attach much importance to what had happened and intends to continue meetings with voters.