The media reported about the expulsion from Russia of the journalist “BBC”

Her visa was not extended and she will have to leave Russia by August 31. According to media reports, this is Moscow’s response to London’s actions against the Russian media

The BBC correspondent in Russia Sarah Rainsford has not been extended her visa, she will have to leave the country after its expiration date. This was reported by Bloomberg, the agency refers to an employee of the Russian Foreign Ministry. According to him, Rainsford’s visa will expire on August 31.

The fact that Ransford will be forced to leave Russia was also reported by the Russia 24 TV channel.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Foreign Ministry, and also turned to Sarah Rainsford for a comment.

As the host of Rossiya 24 told on the air of the TV channel, this step was a “symmetrical response” to the measures taken by the British authorities against representatives of the Russian media.

In its March report on violations of the rights of Russian citizens in foreign countries, the Foreign Ministry noted that with regard to the work of the Russian media in Britain, London “maintains the already traditional propaganda course aimed at countering“ Russian disinformation ”, discrediting the actions of the Russian leadership and political initiatives of our countries “.