The Mercado de San Miguel market in Madrid reopens its doors

This Friday, 2 July, Madrid’s famous gastronomic market reopened after being closed for nine months due to the pandemic. After many months, the central part of the city begins to gradually fill with people who also go to their favorite market for a special atmosphere.

“These nine months have been pretty tough. But we have worked hard with love for Madrid to keep this iconic place and open it up again, ”says Ignacio Porta, representative of Redevco, owner and market manager. The Mercado de San Miguel, opened at the beginning of the 20th century, is the most visited urban space in the capital, second only to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Market owners and managers are ready to make every possible effort to revitalize the city space beloved by locals and tourists. Now the main projects are aimed at attracting local residents. Pleasant promotions and new outlets with the highest quality products are being prepared for them.