The metro will not operate in East Helsinki until July 25 inclusive

The suspension of traffic for nine days is related to the repair of the bridge in Herttoniemi. During this time, three additional bus lines will be launched. The final metro train in the east will be Kulosaari station.

From today until July 25 inclusive, the movement of trains of the capital’s metro to the east of Kulosaari stops. At this time, the division into two lines M1 and M2 will be canceled, and all trains will run from Matinkylä station to Kulosaari.

The traffic suspension is due to the replacement of the Kipparlahti metro bridge between Herttoniemi and Kulosaari. Built in 1972, it was already dilapidated so much that it required major repairs. In addition to the suspension of the metro, the Itäväylä exit towards Kulosaari will also be closed. To get to Kulosaari from the east, you will need to drive to Kalasatam, turn around there, drive back east and exit in front of Herttoniemi.

Until July 26, all metro stations east of Kulosaari – that is, Herttoniemi, Siilitie, Itäkeskus, Myllyupuro, Kontula, Mellunmäki, Puotila, Rastila and Vuosaari – will be closed along with their retail outlets. At the same time, the bus terminals operating at the stations will continue to operate as usual.

As a replacement for the metro, the transport company of the capital region HSL offers passengers to use one of three temporary bus routes. 99B will run between Pryvokzalnaya Square and Itäkeskus station, 99M between the station and Mellunmäki, and 99V between the central railway station and Vuosaari. Buses will make stops only near metro stations.

On buses, the same principle will apply as on the radial orange lines. You can enter the salon not only through the front door, but also through the middle one. You do not need to show your valid ticket to the driver. However, it should be borne in mind that, unlike metro trains, bicycles are prohibited on buses.

The bridge renovation project is estimated to last until October 2021. Next week, work will be carried out around the clock, so the noise from the construction site can be heard by those living nearby.

The lack of train traffic will also be used on other sections of the metro. Two bridges will be fortified at Siilithi station, in Itäkeskus the outdated railway switches on the tracks will be replaced, lighting in Kontula and Itäkeskus will be updated and LED lamps will appear at these stations.

For complete information on changes in public transport in the next nine days, see the special HSL Metrokatko 2021 page. There you can see the routes of temporary bus lines and their timetables, as well as check the location of stops.