The number of apartments for rent has grown in a pandemic – freshmen do not have to fight for housing

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> An exceptional number of apartments for rent are currently in the public domain. <7> <8> Student hostels have been losing popularity among young people for several years. In large cities, dormitories make up less than half of all student housing. <9> <10> Freshmen are offered a great deal of choice this year in the private rental market, which has changed a lot during the coronavirus epidemic. <11> <12> – Switching to distance work and training has led to the fact that people no longer need the so-called. second housing. Students also, for example, moved out of rented apartments earlier, since they could study remotely from the parental home, says Anna Leinonen, director of the Oikotie <13> portal. <15> <16> that the apartments used for Airbnb had to be rented out on a long-term basis to cover costs. <17><18> According to Leinonen, the number of rental apartments on Oikotie in May was 76 percent higher than in May 2019, which preceded the pandemic. <19> <20> Oikotie is the largest rental site. Users of Airbnb, an online short-term rental marketplace, tend to rent out their apartments to travelers. <21>