The owners of summer cottages on Lake Vihmajärvi seek a ban on jet skiing

In the town of Savitaipale, located near Lappeenranta, the association of residents and owners of summer cottages on Lake Vihmajärvi decided to seek through the Traficom Transport and Communications Department a complete ban on the use of jet skis in the water area of ​​the lake. Locals do not like the constant noise and dangerous situations caused by water scooter drivers.

At the same time, as a rule, owners of summer cottages on the lake also ride jet skis. They claim that only 3-5 scooters are occasionally used on the lake, and consider the total ban an exaggeration of the problem. They hope they can find a solution that suits all holidaymakers.

Traficom says that bans on jet skiing are extremely rare, but occur both on small lakes and on parts of lakes. The department says that to make such a decision, it is necessary to prove that riding on a jet ski causes “significant damage”, but the significance of the harm and damage is determined on a case-by-case basis.