The pandemic will not end in any way – people are losing motivation to adhere to restrictions, experts say

The human psyche is unable to withstand a crisis such as the current coronavirus pandemic for a long time. Experts in the field of behavioral psychology believe that the stage of addiction has arrived, when people no longer try to obediently comply with the restrictions on which the authorities insist.

The pandemic is still not over, and this jeopardizes the psychological endurance of people, experts say. The prolonged stress in which we are forced to constantly be, burdens the psyche, and gradually people lose the motivation to adhere to restrictions.

The human psyche is not adapted to withstand long-term crises like the current pandemic, says Professor of Psychology at the University of Helsinki Marco Elovainio .

– It is impossible to be constantly focused on this load, little by little a person gets used to the surrounding circumstances, it is in his nature.

According to Elovainio, the beginning of the pandemic was much easier for the psyche.

– In the beginning there was shock, fear, thanks to which it was much easier to endure restrictions.

Psychological fatigue and frustration of the population were noted also by THL specialists in the course of a recent study, according to which the psychological burden increased during the second wave of the pandemic.

At the same time, people have begun to turn to specialists more often for psychological help.