The Planetarium of Madrid will broadcast a partial solar eclipse on June 10

June 10, this Thursday, there will be a partial solar eclipse. A solar eclipse that only occurs during the new moon phase will look different from different points in Spain. In Madrid, the eclipse will begin at 11:01 am mainland time. Residents of the capital will be able to see how the Moon moves from the upper edge of the Sun, gradually hiding part of the solar disk. In a few minutes the Sun will look like a bitten off apple. 11:43 will become the maximum point of the eclipse, and then until 12:29 the Moon will gradually recede, returning us to full visibility of the Sun.

Employees of the Madrid Planetarium warn that you can only look at the eclipse through special filters, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the retina. This phenomenon will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel Planetario de Madrid so that everyone can safely watch it. The broadcast will be conducted from the observatory tower by two planetarium staff: Cesar Gonzalez Arranz and Rodrigo Gonzalez Peinado, in collaboration with astrophotographer Antonio del Solar. The broadcast will start at 10:45 and will continue until the end of the eclipse. During this time, experts will tell in detail about such an interesting phenomenon as an eclipse, and surprise the audience with interesting facts.